Monday, June 24, 2013

ASOS order

Time to tell you what happened to my ASOS order.
First of all: It arrived after just three days!!!!
Fast isn't the right word...I think speed of light fits better!   = )

Now to the four pieces I chose from that huge range of beautiful things.

The skirt looked the same as online and fited perfectly. I kept it.

The summer dress looked so cute and I love the volants at the shoulders, but it's waaaayyy to short for me and my taste. Really pity!
Sure, I could have kept it and wear it as a tunic, but that's not what I was looking for. So it went back.

The light-blue metallic heels are a real catch. They look very sexy and they're well made. And that for only 32,74 €.
The only thing - I have to practice walking in them a little bit, but I kept them.

The earrings did disappoint me. Well, they looked pretty, but there all plastic...the blue stones and the golden binding (is that the right word?). Just the stud is made of metal.
Hmm, not what I supposed to get...So they're already on there trip back to where they came from, together with the very short dress.

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