Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little chocolate-toffee-cakes in jars

I was in a baking mood, yesterday, and searched for something easy and chocolaty for dinner dessert.
And 'cause some little jars I kept, were standing in my way, I decided to do something sweet in a jar.

You need:

5 oz soft butter
5 oz sugar
3 eggs
3 oz cacao
3,5 oz flour
toffee candies (the quantity depends on how many cakes you want to bake)
some butter to oil the jars
powdered sugar to flour the cakes

First pre-heat the baking oven to 356°F, remove the furnace grate and oil the jars.
Beat the soft butter with the sugar until scummy.
Add egg after egg while beating.
Mix the cacao with the flour and - very important - sieve it before adding.
Fill the dough equaly into the jars and put a toffee candy in the middle of every dough-filled jar (push it into the pastry).

Replace the cold furnace grate into the middle of the pre-heated baking oven and position the jars on it.
Bake the chocolate-toffee-cakes 15 minutes.
After taking them out and let them cool down a bit, flour them with powdered sugar and eat warm.
Vanilla ice cream or sauce fits perfectly.

Bon appétit!

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