Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I guess most mother's get excited about something personal you made for them and that comes from the heart.
Like a flower bouquet you bound by yourself (for example lilacs or peonies), delicious, self baked cookies, self made pralinés or a lovely card you handicrafted.
Surprise your mom with an extraordinary breakfast, invite her to a picknick, organize a cocktail hour for the both of you at home...
But even a bought scented candle, for example a fresh citrus smelling one like "Sparkling Lemon" by Yankee Candle, can make a mommy happy and help her relax from the exhausting everyday life.

Just be a bit creative and the eyes of your mom will glow and tear up.

Show her how much you love and appreciate her. Your mother deserves it!

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