Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY: Glitter Heels a´ la Miu Miu

I loved the glitter heels by Miu Miu last season! They just - what a pity - didn't fit into my budget!
But that's no reason for not having pumps like this!!!

I bought acrylic-varnish and three different glitter powders, caught my nude heels and masked them with tape (as you can see at the picture, I wanted to go very save and wraped the whole shoe in a plastic bag  = )).
Afterwards I applied the varnish and sprinkled the mixed glitter over it.
The next day, after the first coat of varnish has dried, I applied another one on top of the glitter, so everything is fixed.
I gave it one more night to dry and then removed the tape.

Now my Miu-Miu-like heels are ready for long nights of dining and dancing!

The role model by Miu Miu:


The result of my DIY project:

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